'Mafia killed off sick, took bodies to funeral homes'

Finished off terminally ill in ambulances, informant says

'Mafia killed off sick, took bodies to funeral homes'

Catania, June 20 - The Sicilian Mafia killed off terminally ill patients by injecting air into their veins in the ambulances taking them home to die and instead took them straight to funeral parlours in a 300-euro-a-head racket, an informant has told police. The patients were finished off on their way from Catania's Biancavilla Hospital, the informant told police. The racket started in 2012 and has earned the Mob thousands of euros, he said. The informant first reported the scam to satirical TV news show Le Iene (Reservoir Dogs) and then went to police to reveal what he knew, judicial sources said. Police are now pulling patients' records from Biancavilla Hospital, they said.

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