Avio: Future at Le Bourget aviation and aerospace exhibition

Italy under spotlight with new generation of launchers

Avio: Future at Le Bourget aviation and aerospace exhibition

Paris, June 20 - The 2017 International Paris Air Show, an aviation and aerospace exhibition, has opened with interplanetary flights and new opportunities offered by artificial intelligence and big data on the agenda as space gears up for the future. Indeed French President Emmanuel Macron opened the event along with European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who has recently concluded his mission aboard the International Space Station. And a new pavilion at the oldest event dedicated to aviation and aerospace will showcase ideas for the future presented by small companies and start-ups, which will have a voice alongside aerospace industry giants. Artificial intelligence, robotics and the use of big data banks are among themes discussed at this innovation-sponsoring event, together with ideas on technologies for the future of interplanetary human spaceflights and for quicker data transmission from vehicles in orbit to ground stations. Italy is among the protagonists with innovative technologies, for example one of the few engines that can be adapted to different launchers in terms of dimension and conception. This engine in question is the P120C motor made by Italian aerospace company Avio in Colleferro near Rome, built for the future launchers of the European Space Agency, like the successor of Vega, Vega C, and the successor of Ariane 5, Ariane 6.

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