Grillo and IMU property tax top online word searches in 2012

Yahoo! Italia annual classification a sign of the times

Grillo and IMU property tax top online word searches in 2012

Rome, November 30 - Genoese comedian and leader of the anti-establishment Five Star Movememnt (M5S) Beppe Grillo, former Berlusconi dental hygienist and ex-Lombardy regional councillor Nicole Minetti and the new property tax IMU are among some of the terms to have featured most highly in online word searches in 2012 according to an annual classification by Yahoo! Italia published Friday. Other popular keywords included 'earthquake' and - in reference to the current economic crisis and government efforts to tackle it - 'pension calculation', 'spending review' and 'stability law'. On the political front in 2011 Silvio Berlusconi's so-called Bunga Bunga parties and his resignation as premier topped the list, while the year before it was the Moroccan belly dancer Karima El Mahroug – known as 'Ruby the Heartbreaker' – and properties owned by House speaker Gianfranco Fini and industry minister Claudio Scajola, respectively in Montecarlo and Rome, that held sway. On the theme of economics 2011 saw an interest in the keywords Italian stock exchange and eurozone crisis, which also featured highly the previous year along with the Greek and Irish default risk.

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