Police arrest suspect in 'accidental' Camorra killing

Hitmen 'jumped the gun'

Police arrest suspect in 'accidental' Camorra killing

Naples, November 28 - Police on Wednesday arrested a suspect in the murder of Pasquale Romano, a youth who was gunned down after having been mistaken as a member of the local Camorra mafia. Carabinieri police arrested Giovanni Marino, who, along with an unidentified partner, shot and killed Romano on October 15 in this southern Italian city. According to an initial reconstruction of the incident, the assailants were supposed to wait for a text message alerting them to the presence of the correct target in front of a Naples building before shooting. However, the killers did not wait, mistaking Romano for their intended target instead. The police investigation received a boost last Friday when the woman who was waiting in the building where the intended target, Domenico Gargiulo, was supposed to appear presented herself to the police and offered her collaboration. The woman was supposed to send the text message alerting the hitmen of their target's arrival. Gargiulo was attending a dinner in the same building where Romano's girlfriend lived. Romano was leaving her building when he was shot.

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