Italian MP ends hunger strike after president begs to stop

Roberto Giachetti fasts for 88 days to push electoral reform

Italian MP ends hunger strike after president begs to stop

Rome, November 28 - An Italian parliamentarian ended an 88-day hunger strike Wednesday after receiving a note of solidarity from President Giorgio Napolitano, who voiced support for his campaign to change Italy's electoral law. "I consider your cause worthy of all respect, but I beg you to consider what pushing forward means for your health and your life," said the president. It was the second hunger strike for Roberto Giachetti, an MP in the center-left Democratic Party (PD), after a 25-day fast this summer. Giachetti read portions of the letter from Napolitano at the parliament press office, where he announced the end of his hunger strike after a doctor's exam showed him to be in a "grave state of malnutrition". The current law - passed under a previous Berlusconi government and often referred to as the Porcellum, or 'Pig's dinner' - has been widely criticised for distancing politicians from voters, who effectively cannot pick their representatives, as party leaders have the power to name candidates on so-called 'blocked lists', which are then voted on. A reform bill currently before parliament aims to ensure a clear outcome from elections, but parties are squabbling over a premium that would go to the winner. Napolitano has made repeated appeals to politicians to agree on new rules by the elections, which are likely to take place in March. "Enough of this endless arm wrestling, this comedy of errors due to ceaseless bickering and stonewalling," said the president in his letter to Giachetti Wednesday. However after nearly a year of stalled talks and differences at the party level, skepticism has grown that decisive reforms can be implemented in time for the vote.

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