Paralysis no barrier as 27-year-old finishes university

Man graduates with honours despite physical disabilities

Paralysis no barrier as 27-year-old finishes university

Cagliari, November 27 - Despite physical disabilities that left him able to communicate solely with his eyes, a 27-year-old has graduated with honours from university in Cagliari, the capital city of Sardinia. Paolo Puddu, who has paralysis in all his limbs, completed his degree with honours by writing a thesis on eliminating barriers to the disabled in air travel. Puddu, who intends to work as a tourism professional, said he was "very excited" by his achievements. "It's the most beautiful day of my life," he said, spelling the letters of his sentences with his eyes connecting to a computer. "There is the professional level, but also the achievement on a personal level. I'm very excited". With some assistance, Puddu lives an independent life. "We are proud of Paolo," said Francesca Palmas of the Association of Children with Brain Injuries (ABC) in Sardinia. His family watched the convocation ceremony with emotion. "I am proud to have this son," his mother Susanna said later. "Paolo is a strong boy, he never bowed to suffering".

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