Milan shows highest rate of AIDS cases in all of Italy

Report shows Milan has about 13% of all cases in the country

Milan shows highest rate of AIDS cases in all of Italy

Milan, November 27 - Milan ranks as the Italian city with the highest number of AIDS cases, according to a report released Tuesday. Milan, Italy's industrial capital, has about 13% of all cases of Acquired Immune Deficiency (AIDS) in Italy - 8,378 cases out of a national total of 62,617 reported since 2010, according to the report for health officials. The figures were released during a meeting on prevention initiatives for sexually transmitted diseases. AIDS is a disease caused by a virus known as HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). It is estimated that in Italy, there are as many as 165,000 people living with AIDS or with HIV, which has the largest proportion of total cases. In the first nine months of 2012, 292 new cases of HIV infections were reported in Milan. It is believed that about half of HIV cases are detected only late in the progression of the disease. More than three-quarters of new infections are attributed to transmission via unprotected sex.

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