Ice museum planned in Italy to document climate change

Glacier galleries would be world's first

Ice museum planned in Italy to document climate change

Milan, November 27 - Plans are in the works to launch the world's first glacial ice museum in Italy as a means of documenting global climate history, organizers announced Tuesday. "Thanks to drilling in glaciers, we can investigate the climate of the past, going back in time by a million years," said Agostino Da Polenza, the president of a planning commission from the Italian national research council. Polenza was speaking in Milan at a conference on the health of Italy's glaciers, which like those in the rest of the world have been melting amid climate change over the past 50 years. "Our goal is to create a depository of continental glacier samples...that would allow us to conserve information on the glaciers which risk extinction". The museum, which would consist of a series of massive freezers, would go up in Milan where a team at Bicocca University already manages an archive of glacier samples from Antarctica. Polenza said the proposal has been well received by research institutes in France, China and the United States. He plans to showcase the project during the 2015 World's Fair in Milan, where the theme is devoted to fighting global hunger. "Beyond feeding the planet," said Polenza, "we also need to give it water, and glaciers are an extremely important water reservoir for humankind".

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