Good work on Libya Trump tells Gentiloni (2)

But no direct US role there, president tells PM at White House

Good work on Libya Trump tells Gentiloni (2)

Washington, April 21 - Italy has done "good work" in trying to stabilise Libya but there will be no direct US role in the North African country, President Donald Trump told Premier Paolo Gentiloni at the White House Thursday. Gentiloni said the fight against ISIS was a"priority" and concurred on the need to raise NATO spending to 2% of GDP. Gentiloni was given a warm welcome to the White House with Trump saying "I can't wait" to come to Italy for the May 26-27 Taormina G7 summit. During the course of talks news of the Paris terror attack arrived with Trump saying "it never ends". The issue of the common fight against terrorism dominated the talks. On Libya, Gentiloni said US commitment, "also political", was was "fundamental" to avert a division of the country under the influence of other powers. Trump recognised Italy's lead role in Libyan stabilisation but stressed "I don't see a US role in Libya". The two leaders also concurred that "Assad cannot be the future in Syria". Finally, Gentiloni told Trump that "a strong Europe is important for the United States".

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