M5S not agst vaccines says Di Maio

Top immunologist Silvestri backs movement's claims

M5S not agst vaccines says Di Maio

Rome, April 20 - The anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) is not against vaccines, Lower House Deputy Speaker Luigi Di Maio said Thursday, demanding an "apology" from media and politicians who have asserted it was. "Enough with this disinformation on the M5S" said Di Maio, frequently touted as a future premiership candidate. Di Maio's statement came after a top immunologist, Guido Silvestri, told the Fatto Quotidiano newspaper that "it is possible that there have been, in the past, statements by some M5S members on the vaccine issue which have caused confusion, but today, in 2017, maintaining that the M5S is 'against vaccines' is nonsense".

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