Student protests planned across Italy Saturday

Demonstrators oppose spending cuts

Student protests planned across Italy Saturday

Rome, November 24 - A series of student protests are scheduled across Italy on Saturday to demonstrate against austerity measures and budget cuts to education. Protests last week were marred with violence, with students clashing with police who fired tear gas in attempts to quell violence in Rome. Some 30 people between students and police were injured. The protests Saturday include plans to move from Piazza della Repubblica, then to Piazza SS. Apostoli, as well as a sit-in in front of the education ministry in the Trastevere neighbourhood. The protest plans appear to be strong despite a decision made by the majority of school unions to cancel their backing after a meeting with Italian Education Minister Francesco Profumo on Thursday. Italy's Communist Party on Friday said it was backing the demonstrations, criticising a number of labor groups for having withdrawn.

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