Students not allowed to wear helmets in Rome protests

'Historic center off limits' says police chief

Students not allowed to wear helmets in Rome protests

Rome, November 24 - Students taking part in a series of protests in Rome on Saturday will be reported and punished for wearing motorcycle helmets, Rome police chief Giuseppe Pecoraro said on Friday. "Those wearing helmets, if identified, will be asked to take them off, and if they don't, they will be reported to the authorities," said Pecoraro. Tensions are still high in the city after protests last week got ugly, with students clashing with officers who responded with tear gas. "We are only authorizing established routes to be taken" by demonstrators, Pecoraro added. "If there are improvisations in terms of demonstrations, measures will be taken". Pecoraro also said the historic center of the city was off limits to demonstrators and said attempts to gain forced access to government buildings would not be permitted. Mayor Gianni Alemanno also called for law enforcement officials to take strong measures against violence. The police have been ordered to "carry out checks and quell illegal activities and violence," Alemanno said. Students are gathering around Italy Saturday in the latest of a series of demonstrations against recently introduced government austerity measures and budget cuts to education.

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