Former Selex chief to stand trial amid possible corruption

Grossi may have issued false invoices and embezzled

Former Selex chief to stand trial amid possible corruption

Rome, November 23 - Rome magistrates on Friday ruled Selex Sistemi Integrati former chief executive Marina Grossi is to stand trial on alleged charges of possible corruption at the unit of Italy's state-owned defence company Finmeccanica. Finmeccanica in turn was run for nine years by Grossi's husband Pier Francesco Guarguaglini before his forced resignation amid another scandal in 2011. Prosecutors had been investigating whether Selex executives artifically boosted the value of contracts with civil air-traffic manager Enav in order to use the excess funds to generate a political slush fund. The trial, which sees Grossi accused of possible of false invoices and embezzlement together with third parties, is slated to start on April 9. The judge following the case has accepted businessman Tommaso Di Lernia and former Finmeccanica consultant Lorenzo Cola's plea-bargaining a one-year sentence. Finmeccanica Chairman Pier Francesco Guarguaglini resigned in December 2011 after Italian Premier Mario Monti called for strong measures at the state-controlled company to address a series of corruption probes.

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