Phony gynecologist sentenced to jail in Italy

Con man tricked women into sending intimate photos

Phony gynecologist sentenced to jail in Italy

Bologna, November 23 - A court in Bologna on Friday sentenced a 30-year-old fraudster to jail for posing as a gynaecologist and conning young women into sending him intimate photos. Sisto Salvatore Urgo, a Matera resident, offered medical consultation on the telephone to nine women who sent him photos via e-mail. He sought out the women in online chat forums and conned them by using the names of real doctors. Urgo ran the scam from his home, where he was already under house arrest for a previous sex crime. Police said he perpetrated the acts from his father's e-mail account and phone. Investigators were searching for other possible victims. One came forward several days ago, roughly two weeks since his arrest. Despite never coming into direct contact with the victims, judges found Urgo guilty of sexual assault for making the women perform sexual acts and violating their privacy.

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