Grillo launches 'not in my name' political manifesto

Italian comic's antiestablishment party second in polls

Grillo launches 'not in my name' political manifesto

Rome, November 22 - Genoese gadfly comedian Beppe Grillo, leader of the antiestablishment Five Star Movement (M5S), launched his election 'manifesto' on Thursday under the title 'Not in My Name'. The declaration - published on the leader's blog - contains 30 binding policy statements that read like a diatribe against the political establishment. "Not in my name will holders of high public office receive luxury salaries. Not in my name will false accounting still be permitted, or will Italy not have an anti-corruption law, a law against conflicts of interest, or will anyone be elected to the premiership without having been legitimised by the popular vote," wrote Grillo. The comedian also inveighed against political parties and the procedure for changing the electoral law, which is currently undergoing revision in parliament and which he believes should be subject to popular referendum. M5S has made recent gains in the polls amid growing public disaffection with the current party system. Recent figures gave the movement around 20%, second only to the centre-left Democratic Party which was polling around 30%. The centre-right People of Freedom party of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi is trailing third with just over 15%.

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