Naples mayor makes urgent appeal to remove trash

Measures aim at avoiding waste piling up on streets

Naples mayor makes urgent appeal to remove trash

Naples, November 22 - Naples Mayor Luigi De Magistris ordered rubbish collection company Spa on Thursday to remove some 3,500 tonnes of rubbish languishing at a collection point in the southern Italian city amid a delay in waste-disposal proceedings. The measures have to be executed in the next 20 days, his signed request reads. The rubbish in question is piling up in a square that is owned by a company called Asia Spa, according to De Magistris. The urgent measures aim to avoid rubbish piling up on the streets. Naples' long-running trash crisis re-emerges periodically as the production of refuse outpaces disposal mechanisms, sometimes leaving tonnes of uncollected rubbish in the streets for prolonged periods of time. Historically, mafia involvement has also played a role.

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