Student suicide victim derided on FB for being gay

Rome prosecutors open probe

Student suicide victim derided on FB for being gay

Rome, November 22 - Friends of a 15-year-old student who took his life in Rome on Tuesday night have expressed their anger over the derision he was subjected to before he died on grounds of his presumed homosexuality. ''I hope you will pay for it somehow,'' wrote one friend in reference to a false profile created on Facebook to denigrate him, now the focus of the angry messages. ''The ignorance that reigns in your heads has killed a 15-year-old boy and you are 99% responsible.'' ''Shame on you!'' wrote another. ''You will have to live with your conscience for the rest of your lives,'' wrote a third. The boy was found by his younger brother hanging in his bedroom. He dressed eccentrically and wore coloured nail varnish, drawing the attention of fellow students and teachers alike. However there are reports to suggest a complex family situation may also have been behind his suicide. Rome prosecutors opened a probe into the case Thursday which may lead to charges of inciting suicide.

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