Police stop Italian woman from marrying Moroccan man

Wedding arranged to help man avoid expulsion as papers expired

Police stop Italian woman from marrying Moroccan man

Sutri, November 21 - Carabinieri police on Wednesday stopped a 35-year-old Italian woman from going through with an ''arranged'' marriage with a younger Moroccan man whose residence permit was about to expire. The woman had agreed to marry the man so he could begin the process of obtaining Italian citizenship and not face expulsion, according to investigators. The man and two ''friends'' allegedly involved in the arranging of the marriage - an Italian and a person of north African origin - were arrested. According to investigators, it was the friends who persuaded the woman, who has psychological problems, to accept the arranged marriage. The woman was said to have been under intense pressure and had been promised a ''dowry'' of 500 euros if she agreed to the marriage. Police stopped proceedings just as the civil wedding had begun in Sutri, a small town in the province of Viterbo, some 60km northwest of Rome.

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