Criminals dressed as police rob 90,000 euros from tourists

Fake officers targeted high-end business travellers

Criminals dressed as police rob 90,000 euros from tourists

Milan, November 20 - A nationwide criminal gang who robbed tourists by dressing as police have been busted after months of probes, investigators said at a press conference in Milan on Tuesday. Police arrested four Romanian men operating near Milan's Linate airport who targeted mainly business travellers staying in four- and five-star hotels. According to investigators, one of the men would approach individuals outside luxury hotels to ascertain their nationality and then give a signal to his accomplices who would swoop in dressed as police and perform a "search". During questioning, the fake officers would confiscate items, especially cash, then escape. Over the course of a year and a half, police believe that the gang stole more than 90,000 euros in cash. The men face charges of aggravated robbery and all have previous criminal records.

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