Six kids taken from Camorra families after drugs op (2)

In Naples

Six kids taken from Camorra families after drugs op (2)

Naples, February 16 - A Naples children's court has ordered six children of suspected Camorra drug dealers to be taken from their families and placed in foster care, judicial sources said Thursday. The children are aged between three and 14. Among them are a boy and a girl, aged nine and 12, caught preparing doses in an operation that nabbed 45 people last month. The children were ordered into foster care because their family environment was found to be "gravely prejudicial" to the "balanced development of their personalities, with consequent risk of deviancy", the court order said. The long-time head of the court, Melita Cavallo, said "certain family milieux are only harmful and so it is right to take children from parents such as those who use them to push drugs". She said "the family in these cases is not functional to the growth of children". Some judges have been removing children from their mafia families in southern Italy, especially from Calabria's 'Ndrangheta mafia, Italy's most powerful and secretive crime syndicate.

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