'Sixth sense' virtual butler cuts utilities expenses

Patented by ENEA, turns lights and appliances off and on

'Sixth sense' virtual butler cuts utilities expenses

Rome, February 16 - A new virtual butler called Sixth Sense patented by ENEA, the Italian national institute for new technologies, can help consumers save on their utility bills by turning lights and appliances off and on as well as activating or deactivating solar blinds and screens and finding the right temperature for rooms. The multi-sensory system helps save energy and doesn't need any advance programming, and through a qualitative carbon dioxide analysis it can even warn if windows need to be opened to air out rooms. Sixth Sense is made up of a central unit and a group of environmental sensors that work like an artificial brain. The sensors monitor and acquire data on temperature, humidity, luminosity, carbon dioxide levels, as well as noise and movement of individuals in the home, according to @ENEAinforma magazine. The central unit, an open-source computer platform connected with wifi, gathers data on the environmental situation, processes it and autonomously determines the correct energetic management of the home. "The added value of Sixth Sense is in the innovative system of counting the presence of people that is more efficient compared to devices triggered by common motion sensors, and it allows a further reduction of energy costs," said Francesco Romanello of ENEA's Smart Energy division. "That's why it's an important resource in terms of optimised management of buildings for development of the home automation market and the increase in employment in the sector". photo: Environment Minister Gian Luca Galletti

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