Renzi must change or we're out - Emiliano (2)

'He's lost all battles, no one follows him any more'

Renzi must change or we're out - Emiliano (2)

Rome, February 16 - Democratic Party (PD) leader and ex-premier Matteo Renzi must change tack on wanting an early congress and elections this year and allegedly turning the centre-left group into his own personal party if he wants to avert a PD split, one of his main rivals for the leadership, Puglia Governor Michele Emiliano, said Thursday. In an interview with La Repubblica daily, he said "even the Renzians have understood that if he goes ahead with the plan to turn the PD into 'Renzi's Party' it's in for a massive clobbering." Referring to defeats in local elections last summer and a Constitutional reform referendum loss that spurred Renzi's resignation in December, Emiliano said "he's lost all the fights, no one is following him any more". Emiliano said he and fellow PD leadership candidates Enrico Rossi, the Tuscany governor, and Roberto Speranza, the former PD House whip, would be at a Rome theatre Saturday to "unveil our proposals", including allowing Paolo Gentiloni's government to serve out its term until February 2018. He said that "if Renzi agrees to them, fine, if not we'll announce we're out at the assembly on Sunday". The so-called 'trident' of Emiliano, Rossi and Speranza want a congress this autumn, not as early as April as Renzi would like. The premier has also said he thinks elections can be held in September. photo: Emiliano (L) with Rossi

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