Terrorist infiltration of migration unlikely - CASA (3)

But subsequent 'discomfort' makes them 'easy prey'

Terrorist infiltration of migration unlikely - CASA (3)

Rome, February 16 - Terrorists are unlikely to be infiltrating migrant flows but migrants' often harsh living conditions after arrival make them an "easy prey" for radicalisation, the head of the interior ministry's anti-terror committee said Thursday. "We can't ignore the possibility that there may be infiltrations in the masses of migrants, but as an expert I think it is unlikely that someone who has been trained for martyrdom is sent off into the unknown," said Lamberto Giannini, the chair of the ministry's strategic anti-terrorism analysis committee (CASA). "If there is a plan, and there is money behind it, they (the terrorists) can arrive in other ways". Giannini said the "real challenge is after the migrants arrive" because "we can't ignore the fact that those who arrive are very easy prey because of the discomfort they are living in". "They may retrace their steps and dedicate themselves to solitary actions," Giannini said. But he stressed that "the equation between terrorism and migration is wrong and it plays into the hands of the terrorists because it continues to insinuate that fear that is the goal of (ISIS)".

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