NATO hub in Naples 'to help anti-terror efforts'

To coordinate info on crises such as Libya and Iraq - NATO chief

NATO hub in Naples 'to help anti-terror efforts'

Brussels, February 15 - NATO defense ministers were expected in a Wednesday meeting to decide to establish a southern defense hub at NATO's allied interforce command centre in Naples, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said. He added that the hub, which Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti noted was strongly wanted by Italy, would help coordinate information on countries experiencing a crisis such as Libya and Iraq, and help deal with terrorism and other challenges from the North African and Middle Eastern region. Pinotti added that NATO's Framework for the South, which sets down the basis for the Naples, focuses on "the search for information and considerations on the situation in place as well as capacity building in countries in the region and coordination of all operations that can be done for the south".

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