Woman from Benin dies hours after wedding in Sicily hospital

Charlotte Affodji immigrated to Italy for treatment

Woman from Benin dies hours after wedding in Sicily hospital

Palermo, November 16 - A woman from Benin died three hours after marrying her Sicilian fiance, local media reported Friday. Charlotte Affodji, 32, was married Thursday to Mimmo Lucchese, 37, inside a Palermo hospital where she was battling a serious disease. In order for the two to wed, the ambassador from the West African country intervened to help cut red tape for the woman, who immigrated to Italy seven years ago in search of treatment. The groom, who worked at a restaurant, had quit his job in order to console his bride in her final days. "I wanted her to go with a smile on her face," said Lucchese. "'Give me a kiss, give me a kiss,' she kept telling me the last night". Shortly after a ceremony that included doctors and nurses from the hospital, Affodji died. A funeral ceremony was held early Friday inside the hospital chapel. "I don't know what I'll do now," said her widower, "but I became her husband, and that means a lot to me".

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