Empty seats if govt applied M5S code says Di Maio

NATO commitment should be reviewed - Deputy Speaker

Empty seats if govt applied M5S code says Di Maio

Rome, January 13 - Luigi Di Maio, a senior lawmaker for the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) and Deputy Speaker of the Lower House, suggested Friday that the government would be short-handed if it applied his movement's ethical code. "If they applied our ethical code, not even the seats would remain," Di Maio said in response to the news that an undersecretary, Umberto Del Basso De Caro, had been convicted of an offence concerning public money. Di Maio also said that Italy's role in NATO should be reviewed but added that the M5S was not calling for a referendum on Italy's membership of the alliance. Earlier this week a post by another M5S MP, Manlio Di Stefano, on the blog of movement leader Beppe Grillo said that Italy's participation in NATO should be debated and put to "the judgment of the Italians". "What we are asking for is that Italy's commitment in NATO and NATO itself be reviewed," said Di Maio, who is seen by many as potential future premier candidate for the M5S. "We are pleased that (US President-elect Donald) Trump is on the same line. "Our position on NATO has always been coherent - go beyond NATO, not out of NATO. "We are crazy to take our troops to the Russian border". Di Maio also spoke about the upcoming ruling in Rome over whether the contract that the capital's Mayor Virginia Raggi signed with the M5S before her election last year makes her ineligible for the job. The contract features a hefty fine if Raggi fails to respect the M5S's conditions. "Is it illegitimate? Let's wait for the sentence," he said. "The (centre-left Democratic Party) PD appeals to the courts because it does not know how to face us".

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