Teen who killed parents 'didn't act over bad grades'

'Motives much more complex', lawyer says

Teen who killed parents 'didn't act over bad grades'

Bologna, January 12 - The lawyer representing a 16-year-old boy who allegedly killed his mother Nunzia Di Gianni, 45, and stepfather Salvatore Vincelli, 59, on Thursday denied that his client had acted in relation to bad grades received at school. "The motive is much more complex," said the lawyer, referring instead to "adolescent problems that had not been properly addressed by the parents or the boy himself, and also by society". The 16-year-old on Wednesday confessed to murdering his parents with a pickaxe together with a friend, aged 17, at the family home the day before. The victims were found with head wounds and wrapped in plastic bags. The teens face aggravated murder charges because they allegedly planned the killing. It was reported that the relationship between the parents and their son was very tense because of the teen's bad grades in school.

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