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Consider Russia G8 return - Alfano (2)

Improved US-Russia ties wd help global peace

Consider Russia G8 return - Alfano (2)

New York, January 10 - Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said Tuesday "we must look towards Russia rejoining the G8 but we still don't know if it will be possible by May". He said "we mustn't confuse hope for the end of sanctions on Moscow with the May deadline", explaining that a response on Russia's possible G8 return "would be premature now, because you first have to start with an assessment of the enactment of the Minsk Accords". Looking to the instalment of the new Trump administration, Alfano recalled that "we are at the worst moment in relations between the United States and Russia since the end of the Cold War." He said "any improvement in these relations will give a contribution to global peace and security". Alfano said "sanctions against Moscow must not be an end but a means. They cannot be automatic".

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