Illegal imigrants found hiding in cement shafts

Pakistanis, Afghans, Syrians in 16-hour voyage from Greece

Illegal imigrants found hiding in cement shafts

(ANSA) – Ancona, November 15 – Italian customs and tax police at the Adriatic port of Ancona blocked 10 immigrants from entering Italy illegally on Thursday after they were found hiding in a lorry inside hollow cement shafts. The immigrants, originally from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria and who included two minors, arrived by boat from Greece and were all said to be in good health despite the 16-hour sea voyage. The minors were taken into care and the adults handed over to border police to be sent back to Greece. The lorry driver, a Greek national, was arrested on charges of aiding illegal immigration. In a separate incident at the port a Syrian woman was also rejected after trying to enter Italy using false Bulgarian ID.

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