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Vatican applauds science, but stresses 'ethical' application

'Good of mankind' must be taken into account, says Bertone

Vatican applauds science, but stresses 'ethical' application

Vatican City, November 15 - Vatican Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone said Thursday that scientific research should not be hindered but stressed that ethics must take priority. "Research, when it comes to the good of mankind, should never be blocked," he said at a mass in St Peter's in honor of the 27th Pontifical Council for Health Workers. "Not all parts of science are on the same level," he added. "Medicine puts an emphasis on man and not things, and for this reason keeping ethics in mind is even more pressing, and the responsibility more heavy". The Catholic Church does not approve of all types of medical research or interventions, and believes its view on bioethics is universal and incumbent on non-believers as well as Christians. In 2010 Pope Benedict XVI underlined that the Church's stance against abortion, stem-cell research and artificial insemination "derived from a code of ethics inscribed in the heart of man" and therefore "this code applies to believers and non-believers alike".

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