Calabria politicians under house arrest after mafia probe

Ex-mayor, former town councillor linked to 'Ndrangheta

Calabria politicians under house arrest after mafia probe

(ANSA) – Cosenza, November 15 – Italian law enforcement officers on Thursday arrested two local politicians on suspicion of corruption in connection with alleged mafia support for their election to the Cosenza provincial council in 2009. Umberto Bernaudo and Pietro Paolo Ruffolo of the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) were placed under house arrest following an investigation linking them to a presumed local 'Ndrangheta mafia boss. Specifically the two politicians are suspected of interfering in the management of a municipal-service company in favour of Michele Di Puppo, thought to be a key player in the Lanzino-Presta-Di Puppo gang, in exchange for electoral support while serving respectively as mayor and town councillor of the municipality of Rende. Bernaudo and Ruffolo were already under investigation for alleged external support to mafia association, corruption and vote-buying. photo: Umberto Bernaudo

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