Man ties up 87-year-old grandmother and robs home

Thief cites 'economic problems' as motive

Man ties up 87-year-old grandmother and robs home

Naples, November 14 - Police arrested a 36-year-old man on Wednesday in Naples' Torre Annunziata suburb accused of gagging and tying his 87-year-old grandmother, then robbing her home. Police said that Vincenzo Mascolo entered the home of the elderly woman wearing a cap and with a scarf covering his face. After immobilizing his grandmother he emptied drawers and closets, taking precious objects and 400 euros in cash. The woman, who was taken to a nearby hospital, described the modus operandi of the robber that helped police identify her grandson as a suspect. When the police searched the man's house, all of the woman's valuables and cash was discovered. Upon questioning, Mascolo admitted he was guilty, citing "economic difficulties" as the motive.

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