Demonstrations turn violent and cause chaos in Rome

Police fire teargas as clashes break out in city center

Demonstrations turn violent and cause chaos in Rome

Rome, November 14 - Protesters in Italy's capital clashed with police as demonstrations against rising unemployment and austerity measures gripped the city, sending traffic into tilt and closing down Rome's principle thoroughfares. Demonstrators from Italy's powerful CGIL labor confederation, joined by student protesters and other fringe groups ran riot among stand-still traffic on Rome's Lungotevere road that runs alongside the Tiber river, throwing firecrackers, bottles and pulling down street signs, police said. Police also clashed with hardline protesters near Rome's Synagogue as demonstrators hurled rocks and police fired teargas. Armoured cars were used to disperse crowds and so far approximately 50 protesters have been detained by police. At least 100 demonstrations were scheduled around the country Wednesday, many of which have reportedly turned violent.

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