Lou Gehrig's patients 'ready to die' in Italy reform protest

Group to meet in front of economy ministry without respirators

Lou Gehrig's patients 'ready to die' in Italy reform protest

Cagliari, November 13 - The leader of a movement representing sufferers of an acute version of Lou Gehrig's disease on Tuesday said he and other movement members were prepared to die "live on tv" to protest insufficient government financial assistance to patients who need respirators. From a hospital bed in Cagliari, Sardinia, Salvatore Usala, head of the November 16 Committee (Comitato 16 Novembre), said that a recent government amendment to budget laws that earmarked some 200 million euros for the ill and disabled was not likely to affect him and others who suffer from the same condition. "It's an insult, shameful," he said. As a protest measure, Usala said he and a group of other patients were prepared to demonstrate - without artificial respirators to help them breathe - in front of the economy ministry in Rome on November 21. After five or six hours, Usala said, the batteries on their portable devices would run out and they will die from suffocation. Countering accusations from some politicians that this sort of protest is akin to blackmail, Usala said that financial assistance is a Constitutional right. With sufficient aid, sufferers of Lou Gehrig's Disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), could live at home, surrounded by family, Usala said.

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