Gentileschi, Palladio revealed in weekend openings

Lorenzo Lotto in Bergamo and Franz Joseph I in Trieste

Gentileschi, Palladio revealed in weekend openings

Rome, December 1 - Four cities will feature exhibition openings this weekend, starting in Rome and working upwards toward the northern reaches of Bergamo, Vicenza and Trieste. In Rome, Palazzo Braschi hosts the unique talent of Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi; architect Andrea Palladio is revealed in a show in Vicenza; a rediscovered work designed by Lorenzo Lotto goes on display in Bergamo; and in Trieste, a show marking the 100th anniversary of the death of Franz Joseph I of Austria. ROME - In the show at Palazzo Braschi-Museum of Rome (November 30-May 7), Artemisia Gentileschi's gift for painting, rather than her tormented personal life, is highlighted as a symbol of the feminine capable of standing her own in the masculine world that surrounded her. Gentileschi's works - including her masterpieces Judith Slaying Holofernes (on loan from the Capodimonte Museum in Naples) and Esther before Ahasuerus (on loan from the Met Museum in New York) - are displayed alongside paintings by her father Orazio as well as other 17th-century masters such as Vouet, Guido Cagnacci, Baglione and Ribera. VICENZA - The great Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio is known for not wanting to leave any trace of himself or his appearance for posterity, but in the exhibition 'Palladio: The Mystery of the Face', which opens Saturday, December 3 and runs through June 4 at the Palladio Museum, rare 18th-century portraits go on display along with more recent discoveries. One is a recently-acquired Neoclassical bust commissioned by Canova. BERGAMO - Also opening on December 3 (through February 26) is an exhibition at the Accademia Carrara featuring a newly rediscovered masterpiece by 16th-century artist Lorenzo Lotto: an intarsia panel from 1523 designed by Lotto depicting the Creation from the city's Luogo Pio Colleoni Museum. TRIESTE - The exhibition at the Miramare Castle Museum (November 30-March 5) marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Franz Joseph I of Austria, highlighting his travels to Miramare Castle, which was commissioned as a family residence by his younger brother the Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Hapsburg.

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