Girl 'was thrown out window alive' (2)

At height over 10 metres, landed on her back

Girl 'was thrown out window alive' (2)

Naples, November 30 - Forensic investigator Nicola Balzano testified Wednesday that six-year-old Fortuna Loffredo was alive and conscious when she was thrown out of a Naples window, which he determined was more than 10 metres off the ground. Balzano testified as part of a trial over the child's killing in June 2014. He said that she landed on her back and sustained multiple fractures. Prosecutors in Naples said earlier this month they are investigating a new suspected sexual abuse case involving a four-year-old girl in the district of Parco Verde di Caivano where Loffredo and another abuse victims aged three are suspected to have been murdered. The mother of the alleged victim, who recently separated from her father, has reportedly accused an uncle and the paternal grandparents of committing the abuse. The couple and their daughter reportedly lived in the Parco Verde district in the suburb of Caivano where two rape victims were allegedly killed, according to investigators, who have pointed to a web of connivance suspected of concealing a paedophile ring in the district. Fortuna Lofreddo was repeatedly raped before allegedly being thrown off a balcony to her death on June 24, 2014. The trial against a neighbour, Raimondo Caputo, and his partner Marianna Fabozzi, began on November 16. Caputo is accused of repeatedly sexually abusing Loffredo and then killing her, after she resisted his umpteenth sexual advance. He was already in jail over separate allegations of abuse of one of his partner's children. Fabozzi, his former partner, will stand trial for allegedly failing to report this abuse and for the suspected murder of her son Antonio Giglio, aged four, who also plunged to his death in April 2013. Prosecutors believe local residents may have taken steps to throw the investigation off track as they look into a suspected paedophilia ring. There is also the case of Salvatore Mucci, the person who was the first to assist Fortuna and took her to hospital. He was arrested in December 2014 for allegedly abusing his 12-year-old daughter. His partner was accused of the same crime months later. Investigators are also looking into another sexual abuse case reported just two months ago by the mother of a nine-year-old boy also living in the Parco Verde complex.

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