Old faces to reappear if No wins referendum – Renzi

'I will do at most another round' if Yes wins, premier adds

Old faces to reappear if No wins referendum – Renzi

Rome, November 30 - Premier Matteo Renzi said Wednesday Italians could expect the same old faces to reappear in the event of victory for No in Sunday's consultative referendum on Constitutional reform. "I haven't changed my mind about the fact that, if No wins, there are always the same people who reappear every time: the 'Mr here-he-is-again'," Renzi told Repubblica TV. "Those backing No should consider the alternative proposal," he added in reference to the model of semi-presidentialism called for by ex premier and leader of opposition Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi. Renzi said in the event of a Yes victory he would do "at most another round". "This reform is much broader in scope. What I do is of no interest to citizens," Renzi said. The premier initially staked his political future on winning the referendum but then changed his stance after the campaign became overly personalised at the expense of debate on the substance of the reform. Amid these mixed signals, he is widely expected to step down if the No wins. "This train will not start up again in the next 20 years," Renzi concluded. On December 4 Italians will be asked to uphold or reject a Constitutional reform aiming to end gridlock and make passing legislation cheaper by turning the Senate into a leaner, indirectly elected body of regional representatives with much reduced lawmaking powers.

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