EU launches clean energy revolution (2)

177 bn euros a year

EU launches clean energy revolution (2)

Brussels, November 30 . The European Commission on Wednesday launched a package of measures aimed at achieving a "green revolution". The measures, worth some 177 billion euros a year and set to create more than 900,000 jobs while boosting EU growth by 1%, will redefine the electricity market, bills, renewables, and the role of consumers. The goal of energy efficiency has been raised to 30%. The package also redefines the system of controls on reaching climate and energy targets for member States, which is simplified into a single plan enshrining the Paris climate-change goals set in December. Among the other proposals for energy efficiency, are the revision of the ecodesign of domestic appliances so that they consume less energy, as well as a plan, funded by several EU funds, to transform buildings from energy consumers into energy producers, managers and storage centres.

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