Reggio Calabria

Carabinieri arrest 40 in 'Ndrangheta mafia sting in Calabria

Families accused of illicit activities in five mountain towns

Carabinieri arrest 40 in 'Ndrangheta mafia sting in Calabria

Reggio Calabria, November 13 - Police arrested 40 people on Tuesday in a wide-reaching sting operation against alleged manipulation of public bids by 'Ndrangheta mafia families in rural, mountain communities of the southern Italian region of Calabria. The arrested face charges of unfair competition through the direct or indirect control of construction companies, contract rigging, illicit influence on local elections, running a usury racket, and controlling nearby logging. Police say they have been able to reconstruct an organizational chart of leaders and their illegal activities through "Operation Wisdom", as the investigation is called. Police say they verified the existence of five locales controlled by five separate families in Antonimina, Ardore, Canolo, Cimina', and Cirella di Plati, respectively. The arrests were made by the Reggio Calabrian provincial command of the Carabinieri state police.

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