Mattarella will try to name govt 'up to three times'-Salvini

Counting on a group of MPs that don't want a general election

Mattarella will try to name govt 'up to three times'-Salvini

Rome, November 30 - If Premier Matteo Renzi quits after losing Sunday's Constitutional reform referendum President Sergio Mattarella "will try one, two, three times to set up a government," rightwing populist Northern League leader Matteo Salvini told an ANSA forum Wednesday. The president, he said, would "rely on a platoon of MPs who don't want to go to a vote". Salvini stressed that his goal would be to secure a general election as soon as possible. If the Yes vote wins, on the other hand, Salvini said "we would have a very bad Constitution. Renzi imagines staying in government for 20 years". But the League leader said Renzi would himself want early elections to "settle accounts" with a dissenting minority in his Democratic Party who have campaigned for a No vote.

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