UNHCR urges Raggi to house homeless refugees

'Families forced to live on street, deprived of information'

UNHCR urges Raggi to house homeless refugees

Rome, November 29 - The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on Tuesday asked Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi to speedily provide adequate facilities for refugees living on the streets of the nation's capital. In a letter, the UNHCR asked Raggi to "provide reception to foreigners who are currently forced to camp out in the street, in highly precarious hygienic and sanitary conditions". Many of the refugees, including families with children "find themselves living in abandoned buildings or informal camps, in conditions of serious distress and marginalization," the UN refugee agency said. Being homeless, the refugees are deprived of information on their rights and duties, on how to claim political asylum and how to access hosting facilities in Italy as well as the EU relocation program, the UNHCR said. "This situation imposes the need to... develop integration policies for international protection beneficiaries living in the city of Rome, including through transparent and coordinated management of asylum seeker reception services," the UNHCR said. The UN agency said it is willing to cooperate with the City of Rome on these issues. Photo: Asylum seeker protest in Rome

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