Schaeuble says rooting for Renzi in referendum (2)

German finance minister wishes success for Italy PM

Schaeuble says rooting for Renzi in referendum (2)

Berlin, November 29 - German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Tuesday said he was hoping for a success for Premier Matteo Renzi in Sunday's Constitutional reform referendum. He said that, if he were Italian, he would vote for Renzi. "Renzi is doing a Constitutional reform, or trying to, and I have to say I have great respect" for this, Schaeuble said in an interview at the Berlin Foreign policy forum. Renzi "has said in effect, if I understand rightly, that he would quit if the referendum failed. But he has not said that he would leave politics. "Let's wait, I hope he is successful. If I could vote in Italy, I would vote for him even though he's not part of my political family. "He has undertaken several reforms and transmits more confidence than others in being able to make the reforms which Italy urgently needs. "For that (reason) I wish him every success. "Even if it went badly, I know the polls, you never know, I hope he will continue to seek other ways to push Italy forward".

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