European Commission rebuts Dijsselbloem on growth

EC assessments 'fully within scope of mandate'

European Commission rebuts Dijsselbloem on growth

Brussels, November 29 - The European Commission is fully within the scope of its mandate in expressing itself in favor of growth-oriented policies for "the eurozone as a whole" and in opining on single country budgets as per the so-called Two-Pack regulations, an EC spokesperson told ANSA Tuesday. The EC's proposal for more growth-oriented fiscal policies and its budget recommendations for single eurozone countries make up a "package that fully takes into account EU Stability and Growth Pact requirements as well as wider concerns on budget sustainability, and signals the need to sustain recovery at this time," the spokesperson said. The comments came after Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem criticized the EC's recommendations. "This is not a unilateral initiative by the Commission, because the Two-Pack contains specific measures for such an assessment of the eurozone as a whole," the spokesperson continued. "This legislation was introduced - in accordance with the European Council and the European Parliament - to reinforce the Stability and Growth Pact in light of the (economic) crisis". The two regulations (also known as the Two-Pack) as of May 2013 introduced additional coordination and surveillance of budgetary processes for all eurozone members. "On November 16, the Commission expressed its point of view on what should be the fiscal position of the eurozone overall, at the same time as it issued its opinions on the draft budgets of eurozone member States," the spokesperson continued. The EC will "fulfill its responsibilities under the law," the spokesperson said.

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