Caccia homicide suspect's release blocked (2)

Man accused of 1983 murder of prosecutor

Caccia homicide suspect's release blocked (2)

Milan, November 29 - Milan prosecutors have signed an order blocking the release from jail of a man suspected of killing prosecutor Bruno Caccia in Turin in 1983, the suspect's defence team said Tuesday. As a result Rocco Schirripa, a 63-year-old baker who worked on the outskirts of Turin, is still in Milan's Opera prison, where he was taken after being arrested in December 2015. Earlier on Tuesday Schirripa's lawyers had said that a court had upheld a petition for his release after prosecutors realised there was a procedural problem. But the prosecutors managed to reopen the case and have Schirripa put back under investigation, sources said. On Wednesday the Milan court that had ordered Schirripa's release will decide how to move forward. The justice ministry is opening a probe into the handling of the case, sources said. Schirripa's lawyers said that any illegitimate evidence against their client must not be used. Schirripa was arrested after investigators sent an anonymous letter to Domenico Belfiore, a former kingpin of Calabria's 'Ndrangheta mafia in Piedmont who is serving a life sentence for the assassination The letter contained the photocopy of a newspaper article reporting the mobster's 1983 arrest with the name Rocco Schirripa - who was in the service of the Belfiore family at the time of the assassination - written on the back. Investigators then probed his reaction using wire-taps. Caccia was shot dead on the evening of June 26, 1983 while he was out walking his dog near his home in Turin. Investigators claim he was first shot and wounded by Belfiore from a car before being finished off by Schirripa with a bullet to the head. Caccia was investigating numerous alleged 'ndrangheta crimes including abductions at the time.

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