Referendum Yes will accelerate reforms - Gentiloni (2)

Foreign Minister tells Berlin conference package gives stability

Referendum Yes will accelerate reforms - Gentiloni (2)

Berlin, November 29 - Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said Tuesday that a victory for the Yes vote in Sunday's Constitutional referendum will give fresh impetus to Italy's reform drive. "The approval of this reform will stabilize our country and further accelerate the path of our reforms," Gentiloni told a conference in Berlin regarding the vote on the government's package to overhaul Italy's political machinery. Premier Matteo Renzi's coalition government could collapse if the No vote wins the referendum. Gentiloni also said that the European Union was going through "the most difficult period in its history" while addressing a conference organised by the Koerber Foundation in Berlin. "It's a sort of perfect storm in which terrorism, migratory flows, the rise of populism and the lingering effects of the economic recession, especially youth unemployment, are all there together," he said.

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