Budget improved in House, isn't Achille Lauro (2)

'Rich with good news' says Renzi

Budget improved in House, isn't Achille Lauro (2)

Rome, November 28 - The 2017 budget is "rich with good news" after its passage through the House and "is not Achille Lauro", a late Naples mayor noted for electoral hand-outs, Premier Matteo Renzi said Monday. Shipowner Lauro (1887-1982) was known for colorful gambits to secure votes. Stories about him are legend, including one, perhaps apocryphal, that he used to give one shoe to punters on their way into the booth and the second one of the pair when they had done their civic duty. The budget bill will start its passage through the Senate after the December 4 Constitutional reform referendum. It must by law be passed by the end of the year.

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