Renzi says 'yes' vote would put end to 'absurd' appeals (2)

After top court nixed civil-service reform

Renzi says 'yes' vote would put end to 'absurd' appeals (2)

Rome, November 28 - Italian Premier Matteo Renzi on Monday said a 'yes' vote on the December 4 referendum on Constitutional reforms wouldn't change the recent Constitutional Court ruling curtailing application of the government's civil service reform law, but "if 'yes' wins, there won't be competing matters any longer, (there will be) clearer roles, and no more absurd appeals and counter-appeals". He said the ruling is "an evolution by the Constitutional Court that changed its mind over the past". If the Constitutional reforms are approved by the referendum, clashes between central government and the regions will be averted as many powers will return to Rome.

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