Three more M5S suspects in fake signatures case (3)

An MP, and the husbands of two MPs

Three more M5S suspects in fake signatures case (3)

Palermo, November 28 - Palermo prosecutors on Monday added another three suspects to their list of 10 members of the populist, euroskeptic 5-Star Movement (M5S) being investigated in an electoral tampering case for faking and cloning citizen signatures in 2012 local elections. The new suspects were named as MP Giulia Di Vita, Pietro Savino, who is married to Lower House MP Claudia Mannino, and Riccardo Ricciardi, husband to MP Loredana Lupo. Lupo has been questioned as someone with knowledge relevant to the case, but is not presently under investigation. Ricciardi is thought to be the person who physically deposited the electoral lists with the fake signatures in city court. Mannino invoked her right to remain silent under questioning by prosecutors on Monday, and also refused to give a handwriting sample. Her husband did the same. A total of three of the suspects have so far declined to answer prosecutors. M5S activist Alice Pantaleone did reply to prosectors and has reportedly denied being present at M5S campaign headquarters when the signatures were copied over in 2012.

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