EU infraction for anti-migrant countries says Renzi

Italy 2017 budget 'respects the rules'

EU infraction for anti-migrant countries says Renzi

Rome, October 19 - Premier Matteo Renzi told reporters in Washington, DC on Wednesday if any country is to incur an EU infraction procedure it should be those who failed to accept relocated migrants. "The infraction procedure?" Renzi said. "I'm expecting it for countries that failed to do the relocation". Renzi added Italy's "strategic" growth-oriented 2017 budget respects EU rules, will "bring billions to the economy", and "takes care of citizens with two billion for the national health service and the pensions measure". "These debates always happen in October, like student occupations and falling leaves," Renzi added on the last day of his official visit to the American capital, where he visited the Arlington National Cemetery and the Smithsonian's new National Museum of African American History.

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