Govt civil service reform to 'respect 2011 water referendum'

No privatization says Madia

Govt civil service reform to 'respect 2011 water referendum'

Rome, October 19 - Civil Service Minister Marianna Madia tweeted Wednesday that water will remain a publicly owned utility, as per a June 2011 referendum in which a majority voted against its being privatized. "Water service excluded from local public services decree: will of #water referendum respected," Madia tweeted. As well, the government is at work on a decree with new salary caps for managers at publicly controlled companies, such as utilities and other services. The measure sets an October 23 deadline for such companies to divide their managers and executives into five ranks with salaries to match, with the highest capped at 240,000 euros a year. Currently there are three ranks at such companies, with the lowest salary being of 120,000 euros a year.

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